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As the name implies, Paul Car Removal is run by Paul. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured car removal company in Sydney. Paul has been in the car buying and wrecking business for years. He began to acquire a true love for vehicles at a young age, and by the time he was of driving age, he could tell you anything about nearly any car on and off the road. Since then, his love for vehicles has grown into a full-time business of buying cars. Paul buys hundreds of cars daily, with a majority of the vehicles being damaged vehicles.

What Can You Expect With Paul Car Removal?

At Paul Car Removal, vehicle owners can expect a fair and honest deal on their vehicle. We don’t expect to get vehicles for free, but to show our appreciation of doing business with us by making fair cash offers. We pay up to $9999 cash on vehicles of any make and condition. Part of Paul’s expertise in the business is car wrecking, and when a vehicle needs to be scrapped, Paul is the man to call. As an expert car wrecker that does know all there is to know about vehicles, he can take a vehicle and recycle it nearly 100 percent. With this expertise, he then puts cash in the vehicle owners pocket. Cash, the vehicle owner, doesn’t have to wait until he sells the new steel or reconditioned parts from their vehicle. He pays instant cash payments at the time the vehicle is collected.

About Paul Car Removal

Vehicle owners can also expect a free car removal in any suburb of Sydney. Paul works with private vehicle owners, businesses, corporations and organisations buying everything from cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, 4x4s, buses, utes and bikes. In some cases, he’ll even come to remove scrap metals, leaving the vehicle owner with a fair cash payout. He’ll simply make an offer on your single vehicle, or if a business that would like to get rid of their commercial vehicle that has been in a collision or needs to be upgraded to a newer model, or a fleet of vehicles, he’ll pay cash and remove them for free.

With a true love for the community, he lives in, as well as cars, vehicle owners can expect tailored services that include eco-friendly car disposals. His no-nonsense approach means that there is no time wasting and no energy-wasting going back and forth with your vehicle. He simply makes cash for cars offer. If you accept, you can then schedule a quick and convenient car removal at a time of your choice. Paul’s expert car removal specialists work 24 hours a day, removing all size loads and putting cash in the vehicle owners’ hands.

At Paul Car Removal, you can expect the best in-car buying, car wrecking and cash payouts. Paul is a professional in the car buying business that honors his customers like his reputation.

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For a fair and honest deal on your car removal, give Paul a call. We service Sydney wide with free car removals that pay instant cash of up to $9999. Paul buys:

Ford vehicles, Toyota vehicles, Mitsubishi vehicles, Nissan vehicles, BMW vehicles, Mercedes Benz vehicles, Isuzu vehicles, Mazda vehicles, Suzuki vehicles, Subaru vehicles, Peugeot vehicles, Proton vehicles, Kia vehicles, Hyundai vehicles, Honda vehicles, Alfa Romeo vehicles, Audi vehicles, and all other makes and models of any year and condition.

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