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Many vehicles are getting dumped today, increasing landfills. It is past time to protect nature and the environment from further degradation. Not using a forklift is the worst thing you can do. Paul Car Removal Sydney is Australia’s premier forklift buyer, offering top pay for any make or model of forklift and free removal. We pay cash for forklifts Sydney and remove scrap forklifts from anywhere in Sydney.

cash for forklifts Sydney

What is the significance of forklift removals?

We frequently hear about Australia’s tremendous problem with old, unwanted, broken, or trash cars. So let’s look at why car removals for these forklifts are crucial!

Standing on your land and taking up space, broken forklifts are unappealing. Scrapyards with thousands of broken-down automobiles piled on top of one another are unattractive, but they are also dangerous since the fluids in those forklifts can poison the ground, air, and water. The location also serves as an excellent breeding ground for rats and other rodents, posing a health risk to humans.

The mercury switches in old forklifts are hazardous to the environment. Petrol, oil, battery acid, antifreeze, air conditioning gas, and other harmful substances found in old cars can leak and seep into the ground, damaging the soil and groundwater and all living things that rely on it. If your old forklift is rusted and a youngster scratches themselves on the rust spot, it can be harmful and raise the risk of tetanus.


Choose Paul Car Removal Sydney for industry-leading Cash for Forklifts services in Sydney. Our unequalled service includes free forklift removals and exceptional Instant Cash amounts that reflect the genuine value of your forklift. Our cash for vehicles service is quick and easy to use, and it is open to all vehicle owners in Sydney. We pay the highest dollar for forklifts in any condition and can easily collect them free from any location. We know what it takes to give the most convenient and beneficial Cash for Forklift service, giving you Top Dollar on the moment, thanks to our many years of business experience.

We purchase:

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How To Sell Your Forklift For Cash For Forklift Sydney?

Do you need to sell your forklift quickly? You’ve arrived in the correct location. Call us or complete our free online quotation form with the vehicle’s information. We will be the ideal alternative if you seek a local forklift removal company.

Fill out the form on the website with information on the forklift, including the brand, model, and year, if calling isn’t an option. Our team of forklift wreckers will get back to you as early as possible with the most excellent potential selling price. We’ll set a time to delete the offer after you’re satisfied with it.

Our free forklift removals take about 30 minutes and can get done the same day, the next week, or whenever you think is most convenient!
When we pick up your unwanted forklift, you will get cash for forklifts Sydney immediately, worth $9,999.

Want to sell your old forklift for more money?

Our entire free Forklift Removal procedure is well-designed to be as quick, simple, and painless as possible. In addition to providing quotations over the phone, we can also supply the essential paperwork that is already completed and ready to go at no cost, making the process run more smoothly. All you require is proof of ownership and photo identification.

How does Paul Car Removal recycle forklifts in Sydney?

All forklifts are recycled safely, and their fluids get drained appropriately to prevent soil and water contamination. The forklift’s metal body gets crushed to recycle metal. A massive magnet is then used to divide the metal into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Paul Car Removal Sydney transfers the metal to metal refineries to reduce the ore’s processing cost and the demand for additional mining and fuel. In addition, you are helping to safeguard the environment by selecting Paul Car Removal Sydney for your free forklift removals.


We are a completely licensed, bonded, and insured car buying company! We are a respectable and quick company that pays cash at the moment.

There are numerous benefits to using our top cash for forklift Sydney services, including:

We at Paul Car Removal Sydney guarantee you.

Get the highest cash for forklifts Sydney by calling Paul Car Removal on 0466 879 131.

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