How to Recognise Car Engine Damage From Paul Car Removal

Posted on 14th, Nov 17

Car owners don’t always know when their car is showing signs of engine damage. Paul Car Removal in Sydney lists some signs to watch for as they are signs your car’s engine is suffering from engine damage. Just like humans, early diagnosis is important, or the engine could suffer severe damage.

Car Engine Damage Signs

One sure sign that your car is having engine troubles is an illuminated check engine light. The light is there for a reason and lights up when trouble like an ignition or emission control issues is present. Never ignore the light as the problem can become severe, resulting in costlier repairs.

Most car owners are familiar with the different noises that their cars make. When a new noise is heard, it is a sign of a possible problem. For instance, a sound like hissing under the hood could mean that your car’s engine is in need of attention.

Smoke and steam are two other signs that your engine is in need of attention. While some smoke is normal, when you find that your car is letting off excessive amounts of dark smoke it typically means that something like an oil leak is getting into the combustion chamber.

Keeping to regular maintenance schedules as well as keeping an eye open for any possible issues is necessary to keep your engine in its best running condition. Preventative care and regularly scheduled maintenance can save hundreds to thousands of dollars as the longer an engine is neglected; the more likely serious damage is to result. When your car alerts you that something may be wrong with its engine, take it to an authorized mechanic. Also, keep to the manufacturer’s regular maintenance schedule.

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