Tool Tips for Your Car to Keep It on the Road in Sydney

Posted on 13th, Dec 17

The better maintained the car, the better it’s performance. Paul Car Removal offers the following information on tools that should be handy in your car maintenance toolkit. There are many tools that car owners should have, including those outlined in your owner’s manual for your car. There are also tools that are must-haves, including the following:

Jack and Jack Stands. Obviously, if you are the car owner that doesn’t work under the car, then a jack and jack stands will likely not be put to use.


However, if you are one that will be working under your car, then you need to have a quality jack and stands that will provide safety and support to the auto while you work under it. Regardless of whether the car is equipped with a jack, you want a high quality, so check out the quality of the jack.

Lug Wrench – When you are the DIY car mechanic, you need access to behind the wheels and tyres, meaning there will be times that you need to remove both. Get a good quality lug wrench that will help you easily remove the tyres and wheels.

Socket Set – A good quality socket set with a variety of sizes is essential when working on cars as there are many sizes of nuts and bolts. Try to purchase a set that includes ¼ inch, 3/8 inch, and ½ inch sizes with extensions.

Wrench Set – A wrench set is necessary when working on cars. A quality wrench set that includes a variety of sizes and styles is a good choice for a set.

– You may have many hanging around. Gather them up or purchase a Phillips and a flat head in various sizes.

Inspection Light – There will be times when the lighting is poor, and you will need a good light for visibility.

OBD II Code Reader – An OBD II Code Reader will help you properly diagnose problems making it an essential for DIY car mechanics.

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