Top 10 Things to Consider When Junking Your Car for Cash

Posted on 14th, Feb 18

Deciding to repair your car or letting it go is always a tough choice to make. Here are some points to consider to help with the decision making:

  1. Compare your maintenance costs with monthly car payment:

How much did you spend on car repairs last year including ordinary maintenance, such as oil changes and tune-ups, as well as any current repairs on deck? You will have an idea of your current car payment by dividing the total by 12. Now compare this amount with your monthly payments if you were to buy a new car. This will help you to decide what is more feasible on your budget. The better idea is for Junk is always Sell Car for Cash.

  1. Insurance

Junk Cars Sydney

Check to see what the new insurance cost will be if you are considering junking your car for another. Chances are, it will be a lot more as the rates for a new car are higher.

  1. Incentives

Look for how sweet the offered incentives or rebates are. For example, free basic maintenance for new cars.

  1. Replacement Possibilities

Remember a used car comes with its own issues if you are thinking about replacing your old car with a used model. Do not switch one junk vehicle for another.

  1. Your History

Your maintenance track record and the current condition of your car will affect the current value of your car.

  1. Repair Timeline

A recent repair work done on your car could significantly add to your car’s life.

  1. Body Condition

Look if your current car had started to rust and fuel lines, brake lines, and other hidden parts are decaying.

  1. Safety

Is your car safe to drive and has working airbags? Consider the state of all the vehicle’s safety features.

  1. Your Life

Does the car meet your current lifestyle? Is it sufficient for all your family members?

  1. Your Feelings

One should not make financial decisions based only on their feelings, but maybe you have some sentimental attachment to it. Or maybe it makes you incredibly frustrated with it? This can help you make the decision.

It is important to make the final decision both financially and emotionally. If your decision is to junk your car then contact Paul Car Removal Sydney to get a fair, obligatory free price quote. Call us now at 0466 879 131 or feel free to send us an email for any queries at