How Do You Get an Engine Damaged Car Sold for Cash in Sydney? Here’s How!

Posted on 25th, Jul 18

The car is old. It is not in the best of shape. The hood’s up, and there’s no chance of getting it to run again. That is unless you want to invest thousands of dollars for a new engine. But that option makes no sense, as the car isn’t worth the cost of repairs. And, even if you were to repair the car, sinking thousands of dollars into its repairs, you still would not be able to sell it for your investment. Is there a solution? Yes, there is. Paul Car Removal has the solution to sell engine damaged car in Sydney.

Selling Your Engine Damaged Car in Sydney

When the car’s engine has failed, you may not think there is a way to pull any cash out of its sale. After all, you wouldn’t spend the cash to repair the car or truck, so why would anyone want to purchase the vehicle knowing the repairs that must be made? There is a car buyer and that car buyer is Paul Car Removal. We don’t want the car to fix and resale, we will buy the car for its scrap metals. So, that failed engine suddenly turns to cash; and, the body of the car dents or no dents is cash in the weight of its steel. There are many metals in the car, and Paul Car Removal will buy your engine damaged car in Sydney, making you an upfront payment for the value of its metals. Let us tell you more.

Sell Your Engine Problem Car in Sydney for Quick Cash

Selling your engine damaged car in Sydney to Paul Car Removal is selling the car for its metals. Metal prices bring in a fair amount for the car. With us, we valuate cars & trucks over the phone and online, so there are no concerns of wasting your time or ours. We’ll make you an offer for your car or truck, and if you like the offer, we’ll then schedule a time for us to collect the car. All cash and paperwork will be exchanged for the car at the time of its free removal. With Paul Car Removal, your engine damaged car is sold.

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