How Does Selling Your Car For Cash Help The Environment

Posted on 12th, Apr 19

Cars that are no longer in working condition, such as due to a bad accident or just old age, take up a lot of space in your garage. In some cities, there are restrictions in place with respect to the presence of junk vehicles in residential areas. Since your vehicle is of no use to you any longer, you can sell it to reputable cash for car company.

Paul Car Removal takes your car in exchange for top cash. Even if it is no longer in working condition, we still offer the best price we can for it. And who doesn’t like some extra money? But apart from the money factor, did you know by selling to Cash for Car Company, you will also be contributing to the environment?

Encumbrance car

How Cash For Car Service Can Contribute To A More Eco-Friendly Environment

By selling your old car for cash to a company that recycles your car in an eco-friendly way, such as Paul Car Removal, you actually help to keep the environment clean as we dispose of unwanted parts in a safe way. Tyres of your scrap vehicle will be flattened instead of being sent away to a rubbish heap. All fluids and liquids will be drained in a way so as to minimise damage to the environment. Batteries are taken care of so that they do not leak any toxins.

We make sure to recycle not just the usable parts for your car, but disposing of the unwanted parts as well. Our Recycling Service goes a long way in making sure that we, and subsequently you, do not contribute more to a waste problem already taking a toll on Australia. We take care of things you may not consider in daily life, like degassing air conditioning, or scrap metal.

At Paul Car Removal, our staff is trained in ethical recycling processes. We aim to recycle all parts for reuse and resell. Apart from that, we have the experience required to make sure the waste materials don’t end up in a landfill. Your unwanted vehicle will be recycled by the best this industry can offer. Meanwhile, you Get Top Dollar for your car. You do not need to worry about anything as we do all the work. We make you an offer for your vehicle and if you like it, we tow away your car for free. Call us today at 0466 879 131