Follow These Tips To Sell Your Damaged Car

Posted on 09th, Jan 19

Getting a good price for your damaged car is easier than you think. Cash For Cars companies specialise in buying scrap and unwanted cars.But how do you know if the price you’re getting is fair? What if a car buyer tries to short change you? Not to worry – if you follow these tips from Paul Car Removal, you can sell your damaged car to a car removal company for a good price.

Check Below Points While Going To Sell Your Damaged Car In Sydney

Cash For Damaged-Cars

Read Customers Reviews & Ratings

Customer reviews are an important and powerful way of finding out about the quality of a business. It allows you to get an idea of whether a business is honest and if their services are reliable. A business should be prompt, friendly and arrive on time. While one or two negative reviews or bad ratings are pretty much unavoidable for any business, if there are more negative reviews than positive ones, then that’s a clear red flag that something just isn’t right. In such instances, you should avoid doing business with said company and look for a more reputable business.

Check The Legitimacy of A Business

A quality website speaks wonders. It shows that they care about how a company presents themselves and have spell checked their content. A legitimate business will have its own domain name and not just be listed on gumtree. Again, customer reviews will help too to see if they are the real deal. If a business doesn’t have a physical address listed, then that’s a warning sign.

Remove Valuables From The Car Be Handing It Over

Cars can be treasure chests of lost valuables. Everything from misplaced cash to lost jewellery can be found inside a car, hidden in nooks and crannies. When selling your car to a car wrecker, you can assume that all items remaining in the car will be destroyed. So, it doesn’t hurt to have a look in the boot, under the seats and in the pouches behind the front seats.

Make Sure There Are No Hidden Fees

Part of being an honest and high-quality business means not having any hidden fees or unexpected elements to their service. Offering a car seller a great price doesn’t mean much if you have to subtract unexpected fees such as a towing fee. Cash for cars businesses should offer towing complimentarily. Always check with the company to see if there are any additional charges or costs that can eat into the profit of the car sale.

Ask For Licensing

A trustworthy cash for cars business will happily provide you with all their relevant licenses, certification and insurance. This allows for more transparency and peace of mind so that you know you’re in good hands.

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